Cee Perkins

Runs on coffee and imaginary donuts. Wishes cupcakes didn't reflect in the mirror and that hair would brush itself.

Made the cutest kids ever, married to the best husband (probably a bit biased here).

Writes love stories that don't have bodice-ripping or historical damsels trying to save their virtue (actually, her damsels rarely even have virtue). 

Reads nearly all the things.


Corrupt Love: Love Is Dangerous Book 1

April 20, 2020

I wanted to ruin him.

I was the best hitwoman on the East Coast, bar none. Love was never on my list, especially not with uptight, rigid Dan- until I decided to wrinkle his perfectly creased khakis. But for the first time, I’d underestimated my opponent.

She would lay waste to my entire world.

I never wanted what my parents had. I didn’t need that codependency, didn’t want to give someone the power to take my security. But meeting Corra would change the way I saw myself and the world around me. I didn’t want to like her, but the thing about Corra was that when she found something to sink her teeth into, she’d stop at nothing until it was corrupted, and I was no different. 

She’d shake up my world.

But I’d anchor hers.


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